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Here are some tips to properly maintain your car and keep it running for years to come.

Check your engine oil regularly -  If you don't keep up on oil changes, you could end up paying for a new engine later, which is why regular oil changes are so important.


Check your tire pressure - You could blow a tire while driving and put yourself in a hazardous situation. Avoid dangerous blowouts by ensuring you always have proper tire pressure.


Replace your Wiper Blades - Don't get caught in a storm with old, deteriorating wiper blades. Replace them before they become a hazard.


Check your Lights - Every so often, walk around your car an ensure all of your lights are working: brake lights, tail lights, head lights, and turn signals.


Pay Attention To your Car - If you are hearing funny noises, or your car feels differently when you drive it, bring it in for a diagnostic. It is best to catch problems before they turn into major issues.

Keep up with oil changes

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Replace wiper blades

Make sure bulbs aren't burnt out

Check tire pressure regularly

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